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When you have decided that you want your own home building, it helps to have the best custom home builders by your side who can guide you through the process and drive the best possible results.

Your Dreams Are Within Reach

Working closely with all of our clients, we can help bring your ideas to life in the form of a purpose-built home that is everything you wanted it to be and more. Following your creative direction, we deploy a comprehensive process that leaves no stone unturned.

It doesn't matter how big or small your project is, whether it's personal or commercial, or whether it is simple or complex—we are one of the leading design build companies in Toronto with several decades' worth of experience; we have covered every type of project imaginable!

A custom-built home project gives you the unique (and for many, the once in a lifetime) opportunity to have complete design and creative control over the place you will one day call home. By working with us, one of the best companies for design and build in Toronto, you can let us take over whilst still controlling everything and having a clear picture of what everything will look like in the end.

You Remain in Complete Control

Throughout the entire process, from idea to execution, you retain control over the project. After all, it is the home where you are going to live, and it should be perfect. From blueprints to move-in, we are here to help your dreams become a reality and only want to deliver a perfect end-product.

To that extent, our process incorporates a comprehensive consultation period where we learn about you, what you like, what your interests are, and where you have drawn inspiration from, amongst other things, to learn what may suit your unique style and taste.

Whether you are after something modern, automated and high tech or would prefer a simple and more old-fashioned home that is more style over substance, we are the right company to bring your design build in Toronto to life.

Why Build a Custom Home?

It is a trend that's quickly on the rise, but many people are a little bit apprehensive about it, even with an idea and the means to make it a reality. When the only limit is your imagination, it is easy to be put off building your own home. Throw in complications that can arise due to legislation and planning permission and it is easy to see why many custom builds remain theoretical.

As one of the leading design build companies in Toronto, we are familiar with the process and have the skills and experience required to take the weight off of you… all you need to bring are your ideas.

Our Process in 3 Simple Steps

All projects go through the same 3-step process that has been perfected by our custom home builders in Toronto.

This process includes—

An Initial Consultation

At this stage, you will meet with our design team to discuss your vision, ideas, and desires. It is during this stage where you can find out exactly what we can do for you.

Basic Floor Plans

After your meeting with our design team, we will put together 3D models and blueprints for you to look at and modify if necessary.

Architectural Drawings

In the end, architectural drawings will be created before the physical build starts.

No one custom home project is the same. Our Toronto design and build experts will bring your ideas to life.